Nikola Ventures

We are an experienced team with knowledge in startups, technology and software development. We have had the opportunity to support different startups at different stages, which includes advising, building technical teams, raising capital, among other things. Our main focus is to support early stage startups looking for a bootstrapping model.

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Cap Table

We support the founders in planning a sustainable cap table over time and prepare for possible future investments.

Team Topologies

Together with the founders, we build a product scaling strategy, leveraged in a team topology, with clear business domains and technological roles.

Cloud Architecture

We support a technical roadmap with a cloud native approach, complying with the highest industry standards. We generate a progressive scaling strategy, both in terms of load and costs.

Product Strategy

We apply well known product strategies, focused on metrics and discovering the product market fit. Together with the founders we define the success metrics of the product.

OKR & Metrics

We generate the necessary metrics and OKRs to manage and monitor the early stages of the product and the company.

Technical Hiring

We support the founders in the formation and hiring of the necessary team to develop the early stages of the product.

Our Belief.

Entrepreneurs come from everywhere.

We deeply believe that startups are built around teams and people. From technology and product knowledge, we work to enable founders and co-build breakthrough products. We are convinced of the importance of a sustainable financing model that allows balancing the organic growth of the company, time to market and the search for the product market fit.

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